A Strategic Approach to the Use of Public Sector Assets - A Good Practice Guide for Local Government in Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Audit Office (NIAO) and the Strategic Investment Board (SIB) have come together to develop a new guide aimed at improving how local government organisations manage public sector land and property assets. 

The Guide, which offers local councils and local government officials practical guidance and concise advice, was launched today (21 October 2021) at the Chief Executives’ Forum by Brett Hannam, Chief Executive of SIB and Colette Kane, Local Government Auditor. The event included a panel discussion with senior representatives from the contributing organisations who discussed the nine core components of good asset management through detailed case studies, alongside the benefits of enhancing the asset register with GIS capabilities, and developing benchmarking for land and property asset management. 

Speaking ahead of the event, Brett Hannam said:

Local government in Northern Ireland owns and manages land and property assets valued in excess of £2.7billion.  All councils are undergoing a significant period of transformation, with the community planning process underpinning a refreshed focus on communities, economic regeneration, tourism and the local environment.  It is vital that local government actively manages its land and property assets to ensure the assets it holds reflect demand and broader strategic and community need, enabling resources to be focused on what matters most.

Commenting on the Guide, the Local Government Auditor, Colette Kane, said;

This Good Practice Guide provides nine core components of good land and property asset management which should help bring forward modern public sector asset management practices, and ultimately enhance the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Northern Ireland”.