Corporate Documents

Corporate Support

The Corporate Support Section of the Office has responsibility for finance management, human resources, information technology, information management, internal and external communication and liaison with the NI Assembly (specifically the Public Accounts Committee and the Assembly Audit Committee)

The Section provides a range of support services and systems for the Office as a whole - its main tasks being to:

  • carry out the Comptroller function by issuing funds from the Consolidated Fund;
  • compile the Office's Corporate Plan and Estimates to provide the resources necessary to undertake approved work;
  • compile the Office's Annual Report and Resource Account;
  • support the corporate governance arrangements;
  • provide a human resources function, including staff development and training;and
  • manage IT and information.

A link to each of the NIAO corporate documents is set out below:

MOU with Assembly Audit Committee 

A Memorandum of Understanding on the Governance and Accountability Arrangements in NIAO has been agreed by both the Chair of Assembly Audit Committee and the Comptroller and Auditor General.


MOU between NIAO C&AG and C&AG Ireland

We also have a Memorandum of Understanding between our C&AG and C&AG Ireland in respect of the audits of North South bodies’ audits. 

Protocol with NI Public Service Ombudsman

A Protocol between the NIAO and the NI Public Service Ombudsman has been agreed which defines the principles that guide the joint working which they undertake and set out the circumstances and the processes for co-operation and information sharing.

Protocol with Charities Commission for Northern Ireland

A Protocol between the NIAO and the Charities Commission for Northern Ireland has been agreed which sets out the expectations of each body in relation to sharing information relating to frauds involving public money in the charity sector.