Work in Progress - Major IT projects

Work in progress

We are currently undertaking work in order to produce this publication. Details of when we aim to publish the finalised report are indicated below.

Major IT programmes/projects are resource intensive and high risk. Typically, issues emerge in relation to planning, resourcing, procuring, and installing new systems, alongside data management challenges.  Spend on IT systems in the public sector is significant, with much of it needed to replace out-dated delivery systems for business-critical functions.  We have seen examples of legacy system contracts having to be extended for several years.  For the purposes of this report, we define ‘major’ as over £25 million in whole life costs. 


In this study we will:

         Present an overview of the portfolio of current major IT projects expenditure and contracts awarded across central government;

         Consider the arrangements in place for the strategic oversight and assurance of major IT projects;

         Consider the legacy system succession planning across departments; and

         Highlight common issues/challenges in the successful delivery of major IT projects and identify any lessons learned or good practice points.


The C&AG intends to publish this report in November 2024.