Management of the Transforming your Care reform programme

Within the health and social care services Transforming Your Care (TYC) was to act as a beacon, setting out a shared view on how services would need to change and what models of care would be required to meet the vision of everyone living longer, healthier lives, where home would become the “hub” of the health and social care services they receive.

While progress has been made in developing locally based services and revising how core elements of health and social care services are delivered, the report concludes that the impact of TYC overall has been more limited and the pace of change not as swift as originally envisaged.

The report also describes how the reform process within health and social care services has progressed since TYC following the Donaldson Report and the recent review led by Professor Rafael Bengoa. It identifies a series of factors which need to be addressed in order to increase the pace of transformation and the implementation of more effective models of care: 

  • the need to develop a clear action plan for transformation;
  • the implications for workforce planning; the need for evidence-based planning;
  • promoting the commitment and involvement of medical professionals to improvement initiatives; and having a dedicated funding stream to support transformation.


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